What Kind of Wholesale Clothing Solutions You Are Aiming At?


Summer dresses for plump women are a must-have. After all, what do you do if the heat comes and you don’t have light, steamy or shorter dresses in your wardrobe so that you can feel at ease? From the Wholesale Clothing Vendors you can expect a lot.

Another must-have item is high-waisted jeans. They can be worn with absolutely any top, as long as it has a good fitting and no prints. The top with the sleeves dropped on the shoulders and the tight material with elastic just below the bust is also a very good choice, because it highlights both your hips and your bust. The neoprene bell skirt is also a great choice for colder days. The elasticity of neoprene gives it volume and, thus, outlines a harmonious shape that also benefits your silhouette.

Colors That Benefit You If You Are Plus Size

Legend has it that black and dark colors thin the figure. However, it seems like you don’t have much freedom to juggle chromatically about your outfits, do you? Ultimately, you can even choose white, as long as the piece or pieces are united. You can also play with tone on tone, or, perhaps, you dare some color blocking, as long as you do it in a way that benefits you.

A successful example of t ton would be a long beige tulle skirt with a high waist and an ocher top molded with a “V” neckline. Another example, color blocking this time, can be a pair of green office pants, also high waist, next to a red shirt, tucked into pants, with 2-3 open buttons in the chest area, to create that shape of “V” .

Recommended Accessories for Women with Generous Shapes

Accessories are often neglected when it comes to a plus-size women’s outfit. The truth is, however, that they can also be adapted to compliment your shapes. In  case of Wholesale Plus Size Clothing this works fine.

A must-have accessory for plus size women are the wide belt. Whether it is made of elastic material, natural leather, or metal, it is your best friend when it comes to accessorizing your shirt-type dress, the dress straight down to the ground, or that “side by side” silk. The wide belt is exactly what you need to accentuate your waist and outline a harmonious silhouette.

When it comes to jewelry, look for the larger ones, rather than choosing the smaller and finer ones, because otherwise you will create an unwanted contrast between the proportion of the body and that of the accessory. Orient yourself to chunky earrings, long necklaces, wide rings and statement bracelets.

Beware of scarves around your neck when wearing a generous neckline, because it will diminish the effect of lengthening it. After all, why fragment your neck rather than expose it, perhaps accentuating it with a pair of long earrings?

Including, the bags you choose should be proportionate to your own body, so try them in front of the mirror in the store and choose the large or medium ones. The shoulder strap that hangs over your shoulder should also be long enough not to shorten your figure. For the same reason, we recommend that you avoid small bags and purses, because they will not help you create a balanced look.