5 Ideal Items to Include In a New Mum Gift Hamper


The first few weeks and months with a new infant may be challenging. Moreover, most new mothers have little time to themselves. Any lovely new mum gift box or hamper they can take full advantage of at home would be great. Here is a list of ideal items to include in a new mum hamper.

#1 Postpartum Essentials

New mothers need a wealth of supplies for postpartum. Include pads that can help a new mum with lochia in your gift hamper. They may need it for some time after giving birth. It is also a great idea to add a witch hazel pad and pain relievers to help with swelling, pain and bruising.

#2 Pampering & Beauty Items

Other great items to give a new mum through a hamper are sitz bath salts, aromatherapy oils and scented candles. You can also include moisturising products like lip balms, creams and masks to help them feel beautiful again after giving birth.

#3 Their Favourite Chocolates & Sweets

Include a selection of chocolates and sweets in your gift baskets for new moms. It can be something the moms can indulge in when they rest from looking after their baby as a treat. Furthermore, chocolate is a perfect gift for any occasion.

#4 Herbal Teas

Some of the best tea selections to include in your new mum hamper are nettle leaf, chamomile, oat straw and red raspberry leaf. Vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and B vitamins are present in nettle leaf. Red raspberry is a uterine tonic, while chamomile helps new mums sleep and with gas pains. Oat straw promotes wound healing and rebuilding adrenals.

#5 Gift Cards and Vouchers

Add various gift cards and vouchers for entertainment and products they could enjoy in the new mum hamper. New mums will be looking after their babies for a while. It can help them relax after a long day of looking after their babies.

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