The Quality Of Indoor Air Mattress For Better Quality Of Life


Learning better ways to enhance your home’s air quality will help you breathe easier. We often spend a significant chunk of our lifetime indoors. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air pollutants ranked as the top five environmental risks for public health. However,  indoor air purification systems can significantly improve the quality of indoor air and can counter harmful indoor air pollutants.

Air purifier systems replace indoor air with fresh and purified outdoor air, thus removing those harmful air pollutants. A breathable air that is fresh, clean, and pollutant-free can result in better health and higher indoor quality of life.

Air Purifier – A Worthy Investment For Better Indoor Air

Some people may be sceptical about whether they should buy an air purifier in Singapore or not. Because not all home and commercial indoor spaces have an air purifier at all. So, is owning an air purifier really that necessary? Here’s why:

Low risk of respiratory illness

An air purifier in your indoor environment is imperative for people who have immunocompromised or suffering from asthma. Your lung is a crucial component of the human body. Yet it is often one of the most compromised when we are struck with respiratory illness due to adverse effects of air pollutants. Do you often feel sneezy or have a runny nose or congestion every once in a while, even if you rarely go outdoors? Your indoor air might be dirty.

Fortunately, much research has concluded that having an air purifier inside your home can help mitigate the risk of developing respiratory disease. It also helps relieve common symptoms of asthma. Thus, if you or someone at your home is experiencing this kind of health concern, consider investing in the best air purifier in Singapore.

Helps filter harmful air chemicals

Outdoor air pollutants (which include chemicals emitted from vehicles, factories, etc.) can reach the inside of every home. Many may not notice it since you cannot smell them, and they are incredibly minuscule in size. However, they still carry potential health risks, such as irritation and allergic triggers. In fact, many reports have supported it, including a review paper from Frontiers in Environmental Science. Even if you don’t choose the best air purifier, it’s still worth considering how it can purify your air from harmful contaminants and chemicals apart from dust and dander.

Living in a highly polluted or busiest district in the city (near airports or main roads) can affect your overall health. In fact, the appliances inside your home (microwave, chemical cleaners) emit contaminants. Burning gas also emits vent pollutants that can further worsen respiratory illness.

No matter how you choose to be healthy, your body will not be immune to numerous health problems if you’re exposed to harmful chemicals and pollutants inside your home. Investing in indoor air purification systems is one way to maintain healthy indoor living.

Eliminate unpleasant chemical odours

Unless you always experience unpleasant odours due to some reason, indoor air purification systems can neutralise unpleasant odours. Some chemical compounds do break off at room temperature, which causes them to emit a gassing odour. Most of these chemicals can be found in aerosol sprays, paints, pesticides, etc., and are called VOC or volatile organic compounds.

While these VOCs may seem harmless at first except for the odour, they can cause an adverse impact on our health. These can make us feel nauseous and can even impact our cognitive function. Air purifiers with HEPA are excellent in eliminating those COV gases by trapping them in carbon filters. Thus, reducing and eliminating unwanted odours inside your room.

Better Air Quality = Better Life Expectancy


Indoor air can affect our way of living. We’ve seen how poor air quality impacts our living since it does affect our health. When we are in poor health condition, everything becomes difficult to do. Breathing can be a struggle. When you’re sick, less work is done, it’s often difficult to eat, etc. In some cases, air pollution can damage your respiratory and neurological systems. A simple air purifier for rental or purchasing a new one from your nearby local store can make a difference in the quality of living.

While indoor air purifiers aren’t cheap and affordable, to begin with, it does help you prevent these problems in the first place. Indoor air chemicals and pollutants inhaled will accumulate in the lungs. Some can lead to heart disease and even lung cancer. Thus, it contributes to the development of underlying chronic health problems at the later stage of life. Indoor air purification systems can help trap these particulates, even the smaller ones, to provide you with breathable air.

The air that you breathe simply matters.

Where To Place An Air Purifier?


Knowing where to place your air purifier system can help maximise its usage and make the most out of the device in terms of efficiency. For buyers and owners, knowing where to place indoor air purification systems is imperative.

Without further ado, here are some rules to keep in mind:

Place it near the source of air pollutants

Now, it’s crucial that you know the source of air pollutants. The source of these air pollutants is where the highest concentrations are. Thus, placing your air purifier near them allows the device to work better to prevent the spread of air pollutants.

Place it near the bedroom

If it’s bedtime, you can place your air purifier within your bedroom. The idea is to enjoy the fresh air so that you will get better sleep.

Place it in spots with the highest airflow.

Another spot where indoor air purification systems should be placed are areas with the highest airflow. Air purifiers can suck air, so situating them in areas like doorways and windows makes a lot of sense.

Avoid placing them in corners

Placing the device in corners lowers its efficacy since it is blocked by two corners and contains low indoor airflow.

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