The one-stop shop- Amer centre


The Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) established Amer Center to deliver various public services within one place. They are a private company that works solely under the authority of the GDRFA. Amer Center Dubai provides a comprehensive variety of social programs, including residence permits, which come with a working visa and a medical assessment, limited visitor permits for a relaxing vacation to Dubai, and several other facilities, such as interpretation. They assist enterprises with their employees’ visa processing and provide highly qualified PRO services to organizations to aid them in running their operations as efficiently as possible.

But why should we choose Amer Center in Dubai?

A specialized team of highly qualified professionals skilled in managing several varieties of official papers and procedures are here to help. They offer efficient services and seamless connectivity with polite and knowledgeable staff who try to keep up with the most recent changes in processes and requirements. In Dubai, they have close links with key state agencies.

Creating Amer Centres was to reduce inefficiencies and eliminate unnecessary activities. They manage facilities through employees who have received extensive training. The skilled workforce employs smart technology, and the goal is to do over 6,000 transactions every day.


Amer Centres provide a variety of services to both UAE nationals and residents.

  1. Application for a Golden Visa in Dubai

Since 2019, people have been able to apply for the Golden Visa, a new residency visa that permits foreigners to remain and work in the nation for an extended time. This visa permits holders to work and study in the UAE without the requirement for a sponsor. The UAE Golden Visa is valid for five or ten years and can be renewed automatically if the same criteria are satisfied.

  1. Dubai Investor Visa Application

The Dubai Investors Visa is an ideal option for international people who wish to start a business or invest in an established company in Dubai. They are also permitted to live, work, and sponsor family members in the UAE. The investor visa has a three-year validity period.

  1. Legal Interpretation

Legal translation services are generally necessary when submitting files and papers important to your job to government agencies in the UAE. They provide expert services to help you finish this swiftly and effectively. Their competent and well-trained team guarantees quality, blunder-free translations completed on time.

  1. Application for Corporate Medical Insurance

Amer Center for Government Services in Dubai provides comprehensive services to assist businesses in running their functions properly. Their services include providing health insurance for employees, which is required for obtaining a residency visa in Dubai.

  1. Renewal of Emirates ID in Dubai

The government authorizes Amer Center for Government Services in Dubai to manage all government financings, including Emirates ID services. All UAE residents, including GCC nationals and citizens, must renew their Emirates ID. Except for those leaving the country before or after their ID card expires. Aside from those, everyone residing in the UAE must continue their ID.

  1. Medical Examination for Visa Applications

Amer Center for Government Services is an approved medical fitness application organization in Dubai. They assist with all health-related marketing and medical fitness solutions. Amer Center has joined all Dubai medical fitness facilities to decrease customer wait time and ensure efficient execution. You would expect a smooth transition to medical fitness certification. They have years of expertise and great understanding in this field, and their professional team provides comprehensive assistance and service.

 These features of Amer centre help people by simplifying the processes.