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Your hair health matters. While it’s easy to overlook hair care when you don’t feel anything up to your head, your hair is the one that helps you look more gorgeous and attractive. Knowing how to maintain healthy hair by investing in scalp care shampoo, conditioner, and a generally consistent cleaning routine is a must.

Hair Care Matters – Factors That Affect Your Hair

Even if there are times when we feel disappointed and frustrated with our hair, proper caring is key to creating the best hairstyle and look that fits us. After all, you’ll likely get a terrible hair day if you lack hair care treatment. Your hair will look dry, frizzy and dull. Apart from that, unhealthy hair slows down hair growth. Hair loss can be a problem as well. So, what are the things that affect your hair? Here are the following factors:


Your hair matters as you age. A person’s hair growth rate is high from a young age until they reach the age of 30. The rate of hair growth slows down as you further reach past the 40s, and it is a common experience among men and women. Age is one of the most influencing factors in hair growth and hair loss. In some cases, some adults would invest in hair growth serum in Singapore to help promote hair growth.


Climate is another factor that can impact the quality and condition of your hair. Some people believe that warm weather promotes faster hair growth, but none of these has any solid evidence to support the claim. Nonetheless, warm and hot weather does harm and damage your scalp. Therefore getting your hair protected from high temperatures, such as buying heat protection mist or protective oil, is worth considering.


Believe it or not, your diet can also influence your hair. Even if you’re using the best dandruff shampoo or hair growth serum, you can maximise the quality of your hair by having a healthy diet. A healthy diet can make your hair stronger and shinier with fewer chances of breakage. It also promotes faster hair growth. Therefore, eating food rich in omega 3s and fatty acids is a must-have in your daily routine.


Another most influential factor, genetics are responsible for how your hair looks. In terms of hair density, colour, and texture, some people can develop genetic hair conditions, such as hair loss. It can be a major problem for most. However, one can find several hair care products out on the market with hair treatments. All can help promote hair growth should you have a genetic ‘condition’ that hampers it. Searching online for the best hair growth serum, transplant, and other treatments can give you more options.

Health issues

If it’s not in the gene, some health issues can seriously influence the rate of hair growth. There are many medical conditions that can change your hair or cause hair loss, such as scalp infections, inflammation in hair follicles, psoriasis, dermatitis etc. Therefore, it’s crucial that you visit a doctor should you suspect any health issues or concerns that affect your hair. Hair loss can also serve as a symptom of health problems or a side effect of medications.


Apart from your diet, your lifestyle matters. If you are smoking, exposure to pollution and high temperature, or regularly dyeing/bleaching your hair can have a negative impact on your hair growth. Therefore, having a healthy lifestyle and taking things in moderation is your ‘key’ to taking care of your hair and body. Even if you have the best hair growth serum, your lifestyle can accelerate your risk of hair loss if you’re not conscious of it.

Hair products

The hair products you use have a positive or negative effect on your scalp and hair growth. Therefore, before you think about buying shampoo or specialised hair care products, it’s crucial that you consult a doctor or dermatologist. You can also ask them about hair product recommendations and routines to ensure that your hair remains in good shape and increases the chance of hair growth.

Tips For A Faster Hair Growth – What You Should Do


Men and women are on the lookout for the best product and treatment that could help increase their hair growth, from finding the best hair growth serum to expensive treatments. If you have a problem with your hair growth, there are several things you can do to boost hair growth without paying a thousand dollars. Here are a few tips to consider:

Enhance your nutrient intake

Specific vitamins and minerals can promote faster hair growth, such as vitamin C, D, and E. Omega-3 and 6, iron and zinc are other nutrients to consider.

Avoid high-temperature exposure

The heat from the sun can cause damage to your scalp, slowing down hair growth. If you often resort to curling irons or exposing yourself to the summer heat, best use products to protect your hair. Even if you’re using a scalp care shampoo, high temperatures can still damage your hair and scalp.

Do a scalp massage

Scalp massage promotes hair growth by stimulating blood flow in the blood vessel. While you don’t need to go to a masseur, taking time to massage the scalp while shampooing does help.

Final Thoughts

Hair care is crucial to your daily life, even if you don’t notice any issues with your hair. A proper hair care treatment starts with knowing several factors that can affect your hair. Becoming cautious with your lifestyle, diet and hair products can ensure that your hair remains healthy while increasing hair growth.

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