Sustainable Leather Alternatives You should know about today


Textile has always been one of the best sectors that has helped the fashion industry to grow. Everyday there is a new innovation in the textile sector which seems to be capable of revolutionizing the market. 

There are so many sustainable fabrics created with these new products that have helped only in the growth of the fashion industry. Everything is changing, from apples, food and so many. Believe it or not, but fashion designers have been able to make a difference with their leather alternatives. 

We just love leather clothing, but it can often have a negative impact on the environment. A lot of products such as polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride are marketed into the industry as sustainable goods, but they really aren’t so. While these are surely sustainable, they aren’t really good because they tend to have a negative impact on the environment. 

If you are looking for cost-effective yet some of the best alternatives to animal/vegan leather, then you’re in the right place. Here’s the list. 

Apple Leather

As stated above, fashion designers have been able to create fruit leather, with Apple being one of the most popular ones. Thanks to the technology! Apple leather is made using 50% of apple peels and 50% of polyurethane. 

It looks so chic that you won’t even realize the products are made out of fruit. Although it is not completely natural, it is thick that can help to create the right impact. Apple leather can be dyed, embossed and even printed on. It is resistant to water and is breathable. This makes it one of the best materials for making shoes. 

Cork Leather

This is one of the most familiar leathers you can try. Not every cork is equal but a lot of sustainable brands have been working towards developing it. Cork is a renewable material which is why it is necessary that you take proper care of it. 

Cork is a renewable material, hence the life cycle of tree will not be impacted. Cork is lightweight and recyclable. Moreover, it can be dyed, sewn and more which is why you can find a lot of products. 


Hemp leather is a sustainable one. Moreover, several brands have come forward to create hemp clothing. You can find one of the best collections for hemp clothing at Psychonaut fashion

More and more fashion brands are being dedicated towards creating an impact in the fashion sector. Hence, they are looking forward to having more sustainable products on board. 


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