Characteristics of walking shoes


Sole and upper

The sole of the foot represents the main point of adhesion between the exercise bike and the foot, so it is quite obvious that the shoe you decide to wear represents the fundamental element to guarantee your safety and athletic performance ability. For this reason, walking shoes must be chosen with great care and according to the type of activity you intend to do with the bicycle (walking or road running) mens walking shoes.

The use of a shoe with a rigid sole gives the foot greater stability and allows it to give greater pressure when the pedal is needed. The downside of a stiff sole is the lack of comfort during longer rides.

Another fundamental element of walking shoes is the upper which must work at its best to protect the foot from cold, sweat and water.

It should also be mentioned that the more expensive and technically advanced shoes will need more care if we want to keep them looking their best, this includes cleaning from mud and debris and perfect drying of the insole, cleats and clips for the pedals.

Grip and stability

In certain portions of terrain, particularly steep and in wet conditions, it is essential to have a shoe that guarantees excellent grip both on the pedal and on the ground.

This is important because on unpaved or sloping stretches of terrain, we may need to get off the saddle and walk for a while. for this reason, and especially if we intend to use the bicycle on uneven ground, we will have to opt for a pair of spiked shoes, but with a rubber sole and not too rigid that will allow us to walk comfortably if and when we need them.

The closure of walking shoes is also a very important element to ensure better stability during use.

The options for what concerns the closure of the shoes are many, including traditional laces, velcro closures, micrometric levers or the system with circular ratchet.

For those who do not have to train every day we recommend a velcro closure.

Waterproofing and breathability

When choosing a good pair of shoes for walking or cycling, it is very important to consider their impermeability and their breathability. The foot absolutely needs to stay dry while running but also to prevent the accumulation of sweat.

Unfortunately, these two qualities are often in contrast, in the sense that finding a shoe that does not let water in but that still lets a good amount of air pass is not easy.

One of the materials that combine these two characteristics in the best way is Gore-Tex although it can be quite expensive and probably out of reach for the vast majority of those who read this review.