Can We Also Put Chocolate Into Fruit Basket?


Gifting someone a hamper full of fruits has been a good solution for a simple gift available everywhere and every time. Besides being a simple gift, they can also be used to get well soon wishes, a corporate friend, and even a grieving relative. Not to mention that this basket full of fresh, ripe fruits will surely be well received by anyone because they are healthy and delicious. For those who have a sweet tooth, you can also add chocolates into your hampers, or perhaps you can even go for wilder ideas by gifting them chocolate-dipped fruits! Add some exotic chocolates inside your gift, which you can easily find via chocolate bouquet Singapore.

During this era of the pandemic, people are highly concerned with their health. This makes the fruit baskets the ideal gift because they usually are high in antioxidants and might help boost our immune system. By presenting them, we have expressed our intention of wanting the recipient to stay healthy and care for their well-being. Besides being so, we will list why they are the perfect gift for your beloved ones or yourself.

1. A pack of super boosters for health

This present is packed with rich and delicious fruits to help your family eat better and feel healthier because these hampers usually have fresh citrus rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein. If you add some chocolates to it, they can add a stress-repelling effect. They are adding more nutritions, might help lower cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline. Voila, your present has leveled up to a pack of super-healthy food hampers!

2. Easy to customize

Your hampers can be customized according to you or your recipient’s taste buds. You can add those you like and put away those you dislike, you can add other relatable foods into it like a chocolate bar, and you can even add some notes if you plan to give them as a congratulatory present. The containers can also be tailor-made to any size, shape, or design to suit the receiver. You can browse some types of them via fruit basket Singapore.

3. Suits for all occasions

Who can reject a fruit basket mixed with exotic chocolates in it? It is a goodwill gift over the years that is suited for any occasion. Be it a Mother’s day gift, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day presents, or simply as an expression of get well soon wishes, all of them are covered by gifting this hamper. 

4. Fit for all age groups

Now you don’t have to worry about choosing a present that matches well for a specific age group, because a fruit basket can be given for everyone at any range of age. Be it the elder, children, teenager, a pregnant mother; everyone can consume the foods packed in this container.

5. Affordable luxury and available anytime

There are many varieties of this present, from cheap to expensive ones. Whatever budget you’re targeting, you can easily find them at any price you want. Moreover, they are available everywhere and any time of the year.

6. Good for any expressions

If you don’t want to give too much intimate expression such as providing flowers as an expression of your thoughts, you can send this present because they can express a wide range of words: thank you, congratulations, caring for others, and many more. 

Why chocolate?

You might wonder why we recommend adding chocolates to your hampers. There are many reasons why we chose this all-time favorite snack loved by people worldwide, which are listed below.

1. Good for the heart

If you plan to put in a bar of dark chocolate, it can help to improve our heart by restoring the arteries’ flexibility and preventing the white blood cells from sticking to blood vessels’ walls.

2. Improves cognitive performance

Eating them regularly can help promote better cognitive function, including brain activities such as memory, attention, reasoning, and language. They can help stop memory decline and keep our brains healthy.

3. Less stress

These sweets are excellent because they contain phenylethylamine (PEA), a chemical that encourages our brain to release endorphins that makes us feel good. This chemical is the same one that our brain createswhen we’re falling in love.

4. Comfort food

Most people will feel happy and smile when receiving chocolate. It always offers something for everyone with its array of flavors and tastes. It also provides warmth and comfort for someone who ate it, making them an ideal present.

You might have agreed why adding these comforting sweets is a good idea for your presents with those reasons listed above. Aside from adding a sweet touch and expression, it offers many positive benefits for the recipient, so who can say no to these mouth-watering sweets packed along with freshly picked and colorful fruits? You can just extend your present with a gorgeous flower bouquet.