Gift ideas for your mom for Christmas 2021


Mom’s are the best. They brought us into the world, have looked after us since we were young and have even given us some valuable life lessons along the way. Sure, there’s Mother’s Day, but Christmas is about family, which makes it the perfect time to show her how much she means to you!

Christmas shopping can feel daunting, every magazine, bus stop ad, and infomercial seems to think they know the perfect gift – but is it the right gift for your Mom? 

Don’t worry, we’re to help! Here is a guide on what to buy your Mom for Christmas this year. 

1. Jewelry

Jewelery can feel like an easy win, but it can be hard to choose the right piece. The trick is to avoid the trap of buying something generic – this can seem like you just got her something in a hurry. Make it personal with something more meaningful, like a Celtic Cross Necklace

Celtic Crosses are a lovely choice, as they represent a rich cultural heritage and if your Mom is religious, they will celebrate her faith too! For an extra special touch, they can even be personalized with your Mom’s birthstone as well. 

2. Self Care

It’s been a long year for all of so we could use a little downtime, so why not use this as inspiration for a gift for your Mom? Like most of us, she probably buys drug store beauty products because they’re cheap and convenient. Your Mom deserves better though, doesn’t she? 

Treat your Mom to some quality, luxury products that she will really enjoy. Natural, luxury soaps, cleansing balms, and skincare will give her that pampered feeling. For an extra touch, include a scented candle she can use to truly unwind. Give her some items to get the self-care she deserves.  

3. A Good Book

A good book is always a great gift idea for your Mom. Think about something that’s a big interest of hers and use that as a reference point. A biography of someone they’re a fan of is always a great start. Or, if they like history, find a topical book on the period you know they’re fond of. Another idea is to get them a book on a subject or hobby they’re into – like painting, cooking or DIY. 

Not only will this show that you listen, but people also don’t often buy books for themselves making this an extra thoughtful gift! 

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t get your Mom something on this list, the key is to avoid getting something generic and tacky and trying to make the gift as personal as possible. Give false Eye lashes to your mother from not other than False Lashes in Canada. The more thoughtful the gift you get her, the bigger the smile you can expect to see on your Mom’s face come Christmas morning.