Best Attire for the Beach: Increase Your Elegance


Evil tongues say that he’s nothing more than a pajama jacket, just good for staying home in comfy fashion. And they are wrong: coming from the Japanese tradition where it has been worn for millennia, the kimono is a garment whose full potential we are now rediscovering. The creators parade it on their catwalks to dress a simple trendy jeans while the shops are full of summer models, each one cooler than the other to slip into your holiday suitcase. What if we finally reconciled with him by adopting a beach kimono this summer?

Why Wear A Beach Kimono?

Because since it has been seen on the catwalks of the most prestigious brands, the swimsuit kimono no longer has to be ashamed of its label too comfy to show off. And that well-chosen, it can easily replace beach dress and denim jacket in summer to finish dressing our holiday looks.

On the beach, if you swear by the sarong to dress your trendy swimsuit, you might be quickly changed your mind. Because unlike the sarong that we tie and which always risks slipping when it would be better not, the kimono, it remains in place hanging on our shoulders. And above all, thanks to his belt, he is much more chic. A model equipped with small invisible side pockets that allow you to discreetly slide your wallet or phone. Elegant, practical and smart, why go without it any longer?

Beach Kimono: Which Length to Choose?

Once you are convinced of the value of wearing a beach kimono, you still have to choose the right model. There, everything is a question of style and desire. The current collections offer all kinds and all lengths that it is practically impossible not to find what you are looking for. If you are small, still prefer a short model which, by showing the legs, will structure your silhouette. Apart from this one small limit, do yourself a favor. If you like the baba cool seventies look, let go of the striped models, crocheted materials and XXL lengths. But if you are more into the Riviera look, opt for Japanese and flowery models or kimonos coordinated with swimsuits. Elegance guaranteed now with the versatile piece.

Page Kimono: How to Wear and Accessorize It?

It is designed to dress a swimsuit while protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun choosing a kimono of the same color and the same print to play the tone on tone effect with your bikini will always be the most chic. But it’s also very cool to mismatch it. Example: a flowery model will brighten up a classic black two-piece and vice versa. In any case, bet on flat and comfortable shoes, espadrilles, flip-flops or small sneakers: don’t forget that you are about to tread a sandy or pebble beach.

Last thing: if you ever wanted to try your hand at the sexiest way to wear your bikini this summer by trying the reverse swimsuit trend, why spoil your effects under a kimono that would hide everything? In this case, opt instead for a transparent fabric model that covers a little but not too much.


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