All you wanted to know about ethical engagement & wedding rings


Are you trying to make a difference with your engagement or wedding ring? Looking for something special and valuable? Consider getting an ethical ring. The concept may seem new to many, but makes sense to the world we live in. Many brands have come up with a curated concept and range of such rings and jewelry. You can check Anouk Jewelry ethical wedding rings for instance for some awesome brands. Here’s more on what you need to know. 

What exactly is an ethical wedding/engagement ring?

An ethical engagement or wedding ring includes metal that has been recycled and a diamond(s), which has mined ethically. In other words, such jewelry is made and manufactured in a way to reduce impact on the environment and without violation of human rights. The metal used for these ethical rings usually include reclaimed gold and platinum. So, how is this ethical? Firstly, by opting for recycled metal, the need for mining further for metals is reduced. Diamonds that have been ethically mined are certified for the same. 

Ordering an ethical wedding ring

Finding the right wedding ring is important, and if you want to go the ethical way, you have to select a reliable brand that is transparent with the information they provide. For consumers, one of the biggest tasks is to order an ethical engagement ring, because they don’t know what they are settling for. The biggest concern is related to the tracing of gemstones, especially diamonds. From the point where a diamond is mined, to where it has been cut and polished, things can be hard to find. That’s why a seller who knows the source of their diamonds and recycled metals is important for consumers. Also, the metal acquisition process is as important. You have to be 100% sure that the metal has been reclaimed and recycled, because the ring has been made from mined metal, the term ‘ethical’ doesn’t hold valid.

The bottom line

By opting for an ethical wedding ring, you are making the smart move of protecting the planet and environment. What matters as much is selecting a brand that produces ethical wedding rings. You need to know the minute details, and if possible, go for a simpler design that doesn’t require a lot of metal or a huge diamond, because that always adds to the price and work that goes behind creating a wedding ring. Check online for ethical wedding rings now!


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