4 Rules You Need to Follow When Using Daily Contact Lenses in Singapore

When wearing daily contact lenses in Singapore, you need to be aware of the dos and don’ts. The reason is to avoid issues regarding your eye and avoid health problems. If you are about to buy contact lenses, read this article to know more about some of the rules when using them.

1. Keep Your Hands Clean

For matters concerning your health, it is crucial to keep your hands clean, especially before you place your daily contact lenses. Your hands touch numerous things every day. Germs and bacteria cling to them, which can enter your eye if you grab your lenses. Make it a habit to clean your hands before you handle your contact lenses to avoid eye infections.

2. Never Reuse Them

One crucial tip to keep in mind when using daily contact lenses is to never reuse them. No matter the reason, these items are for single usage only and wearing them again can lead to issues.

3. Follow Your Doctor

Buying contact lenses requires the prescription of a physician. Never skip your consultation, as your doctor can recommend the best products for your eyes. Keep in mind that eyes differ for each individual. For example, if you are looking for myopia control lenses in Singapore, your level of nearsightedness is different from others. Furthermore, the shape of your eyeball has a significant impact on the type of daily contact lenses you can use.

4. Never Share Contact Lenses

A rule of thumb regarding daily contact lenses is to never share them with someone. Never forget that the prescription of your doctor considers your case only. Even when you have not used it, refrain from sharing. Your friend may deal with issues from using lenses not suitable for their eyes. Additionally, refrain from sharing your monthly contact lens in Singapore with others. Better Vision offers daily and monthly contact lenses according to your needs. Visit their website for their list of products, such as branded sunglasses in Singapore.