Have You Thought About Coir Mats For Your Business Promise?


Coir is one of the first materials that come to mind when it comes to removing dirt from shoes, and for good reason. Coir is a coarse, durable textile with stiff, prickly strands that makes an excellent boot scraper. It is highly suited for outdoor application since it can tolerate both outside weather and foot activity. Despite its rough, rugged functioning, coir manages to appear stylish and professional as business flooring.

Coir has a lovely golden-brown color that works well in both modern and classic décor schemes. Coir is also environmentally beneficial. Coconut husk, a byproduct of the coconut harvesting business, is utilized to manufacture coco mats and coir items in a fantastic example of sustainability.

What are some of the coir matting choices available for business properties? Let us investigate.

Coco Entrance Mats With Vinyl Backing

Custom logo door mats are among the best scraper mats on the market. Their coarse fibers get right to work, efficiently removing dirt, dust, mud, and debris from shoe bottoms. They aid in keeping your reception and lobby areas clean and sanitary. Their vinyl backing provides traction, allowing the mats to stay in place no matter how intense the traffic. These mats come in rolls and may be cut to fit your specific size and form needs. Did we mention they are all-natural coir mats, making them eco-friendly?

Coco Entrance Mats With A High-Density Vinyl Backing

HD Custom Cut Coir Mats combine a coir surface with a vinyl base to create a durable boot scraping mat. What distinguishes these mats is their improved function and richer appearance. The body of the mat is denser and stronger, with more coconut fibers per square inch. This gives the carpets a richer, more sumptuous appearance. The particular fiberglass scrim embedded backing is less likely to stretch, resulting in a harder and more secure foundation.

The most significant improvement in HD coco mats over ordinary grade coco mats is its improved wheelchair accessibility, owing to a harder surface that allows wheeled traffic to move over it without sinking into the mat’s fibers.

High-Density Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coco Mats are constructed from coconut fibers that are responsibly sourced from the coconut harvesting industry’s husk by-product.

Coco Entrance Mats With Colored Vinyl Backing

The Vinyl Backed Coco Entry Mats’ eco-friendliness and boot scraping qualities are available in a variety of colors to complement your workplace and entrance décor. Before being incorporated onto the vinyl backing, the coconut fibers are entirely solution dyed. As a consequence, the color covers the entire mat, resulting in deeper hues that do not fade away with normal wear and tear.

As previously stated, coir is an excellent boot scraper, removing dirt from shoe bottoms and storing it in the mat’s body until it is cleaned. Coco fiber is also one of the most absorbent natural fibers available, aiding in the removal of moisture from interior flooring.

Coco Runners In Herringbone Weave

Coco Runner Mats may cover whole floors and paths, as well as serve as stair treads! They are ideal for temporary flooring at trade fairs, exhibits, festivals, and even pop-up shops. These runners, like other coir products, provide scraping and wiping motion as well as traction. The herringbone weave is attractive and offers an upmarket appearance in any setting. The weaving also adds strength and lifespan to the mat.

Herringbone Coco Runners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, making them adaptable, practical, and cost-effective.

Coco Mats With Personalization

Coco mats can be monogrammed or customized with a name. Prints are available in five different colors: black, brown, blue, red, and green. You may also select from a variety of border patterns. These mats are ideal for household usage as well as less formal companies such as family-run businesses or stores, storefronts, bakeries, and other similar establishments. They exude a pleasant aura with their classic elegance and charm.

You may also personalize these mats with a line of your choice. Some individuals choose to place their business name, branding, logo, tagline, and other brand assets on their entry mat—company name, branding, logo, tagline, and other brand assets are relatively straightforward to print or inlay with these mats.

Coco Mats By Designer

Designer Coco Mats are the most casual of the coco mats we sell. They are available in a variety of prints and lines. If your office, business, boutique, or studio like to keep things easygoing and casual, you might enjoy the creativity and excitement that these mats can provide to your entryway. As previously said, you may have a sentence of your choice printed on the mat for a truly unique or memorable entry doormat!