5 ways to make your partner’s birthday a little more special


We all want to give our partners our all and make them feel like they’re a million dollars every day of the week, but sometimes it can be tough to know what to get them. Below, we’ve put together some ideas to help you make their next birthday a little more special…

Plan a surprise vacation

Perhaps one of the best ways to surprise your partner is to organize a surprise vacation, whether that’s in the next state or the other side of the world. Being told that you’ve got to pack your suitcase and get ready for a flight is one of the best ways to make them smile and perhaps even get their jaw to drop – from Paris and Berlin to New York City and Seattle, there are so many romantic destinations that you could consider as an impromptu vacation.

Invite their friends and family over

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, then inviting your partner’s friends and family over for dinner is another way to make them smile. It’s so easy to lose touch with your loved ones, especially in today’s COVID-19 era, so bringing together all of their nearest and dearest can help them to reunite and spend some time together. What’s more, they can all come along with a gift or a bottle of wine – this will really make your partner feel very special.

Cook them their favorite meal

If you know your other half loves chicken and bacon with roasted potatoes, or salmon with green beans, then stop waiting around and head to the grocery store. Cooking them a meal when they come in from work will be a nice surprise – and you can go all-out with some dessert and wine to boot. If you’re not a great cook, then nobody’s judging: order takeout instead and plate it up to make it romantic and an occasion. Eating together at home is cute.

Propose to them

Okay, this one’s a big deal, and not for the faint-hearted. If you really want to surprise your partner, then you could consider proposing. Getting engaged is a serious commitment and not something you should do without lots of thought, consideration and permission from their parents, but it can cement your relationship and really change the way you think about each other and the future. And if you’re not sure about the right engagement ring to celebrate the event with, we recommend the stunning Valentina engagement ring – handmade in Ireland.

Let them be in charge

Another fun way to celebrate their big day is to allow them to be in charge of the day. You can hand over your keys and wallet and, within reason, let them run wild, doing whatever they want. After all, their birthday only comes once a year, and letting them plan the events, choose what you eat and what you wear will make them feel super special. What’s more, you might have fun yourself: giving up control can be a great way to really let loose.

Do you have any tips or ideas? Let us know and check back soon for more.