Safety Hazards In Children’s Clothes In Singapore


Parents love to shop for children’s clothes in Singapore, but did you know that kid’s apparel can endanger your child’s life? Yes, a simple shirt or dress can cause accidents and, much worse, injuries!

Parents need to keep these safety hazards in mind whilst buying boys’ and girls clothes online:

  1. Drawstrings

Tops and dresses with long strings and cords can cause injuries in children. These strings can get caught in moving equipment, such as electric fans, escalator handrails and elevator doors. Moreover, it could strangle their neck and limbs.

Avoid hoodies with drawstrings and boys clothes with strings in Singapore.

  1. Buttons, pins, sequins, and beads

Shirt buttons are generally safe but guarantee these tiny parts are sewn tightly. Minuscule items and embellishments on clothes, such as buttons, pins, sequins, and beads, are choking hazards.

Furthermore, they can insert these pieces into their nostrils and ears.

When you buy your little boy a shirt in Singapore, make sure these tiny embellishments can’t be picked out or removed by hand.

  1. Toxic prints

Be extra careful when buying clothes with colourful prints. Most of these prints use toxic paint and substances, including lead.

Prolonged exposure to these substances could pose a risk to your child’s health, such as organ damage.

You can prevent these by avoiding shirts with colourful and sparkly prints, especially shirts with character designs.

  1. Batteries

Besides colourful and sparkly prints, many Halloween costumes have literal flashy designs. Tiny bulbs illuminate using button batteries. Children may be able to remove these batteries and ingest them or put them into their ears and nostrils.

Additionally, these clothes can be a fire hazard as well. Avoid buying flashing and illuminating children’s clothes in Singapore.

  1. Billowy dresses

Billowy and drape dresses are not generally dangerous, except near an open flame. It can easily catch fire, so ensure your little girl who wears a billowy dress in Singapore is far from fire pits, fireplaces, grills, or any open flame.

Keep your children safe and watch out for these clothing hazards.

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