Occasions to Wear Baju Melayu in Malaysia


It is a traditional costume of Malay and is worn by males. Court of Malacca is the place from where this dress originated and this is worn by males of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei. This dress consists of two main parts which are namely a long-sleeved t-shirt (Baju) and trousers (Seluar).

Generally, baju and seluar are made from the same kind of fabric either cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester. Kian samping (songet,tenun cloth) or kian sarung (made from cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester) is worn with Baju Melayu and this is a skirt-type embellishment. To make the dress look perfect a headgear either dark-colored or jet-black is worn. This dress has significant value in Malaysia and needs to be worn on many occasions. Anyone who wants to sew this dress or other cultural dress then they must visit a Setapak tailor.

Various Styles

Cekak Musang

Shirts having cekak musang collar, usually three to five buttonholes are present on the placket and these are locked using kancing or sitat studs. silver, gold, and other materials are used to prepare the studs.

Teluk Belanga

The design and wearing of the Baju Melayu are different in the state of Johor. Generally, kian samping or Kian sarungs is worn above the baju but in this state, it is worn below. In this style, baju does not have a placket. Tulang belut is used to hem the opening and to fit singular kanching it ends with a small loop on top of one side. This style is known as Teluk Belanga.

Kolar Tunku

The third style is known as kolar tunku and has only three buttons below the rounded collar.

Festivals and Occasions to Wear Baju Melayu

It is the national dress of men in Malaysia. In an official national event like the celebration of the birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Agons, black Baju Melayu along with black Kian Samping decorated with gold thread is needed to wear. It is the formal dress in such events. Black Baju Melayu is also worn while presenting credentials by Malaysian ambassadors. In the passing of the Royal family during grief white Baju Melayu is needed to wear by Malaysian Royalty.

The university students also wear this dress to celebrate festivals like Eid or any other Islamic festivals. The dress is worn in many events and festivals. So there is a high chance of tearing of the dress and buttons may fall out of the dress. In such circumstances, alterations & repairs service is needed. This would be provided by a renowned company in Malaysia which is Lai Chai Fashion.