Dragon Jewelry Safety Tips to Keep Your Pieces Safe


Dragon Jewels Official Store is a hazard all year. There is potential for a lost ring at every turn, from dropping into drainpipes to tossing off with a winter glove. As summer approaches, keeping your jewelry safe throughout the warmer months poses several unique issues. Here are some jewelry safety recommendations to avoid damage to your jewelry, in commemoration of bracelets lost in the sand, jewels lost in a vicious game of beach volleyball, or rings sitting on the ocean floor.

  • Before engaging in intensive activities such as swimming

Chlorine and saltwater can corrode your jewelry. When it comes to sterling silver, add sweat to the list.

  • Apply sunblock and bug spray first.

Lotion can become stuck in the nooks and crannies of chains and prongs. Lotions and sprays also leave a film on your jewelry, which makes it dull and dirty.

  • When exposed to direct sunshine

Certain materials, particularly natural elements and some polymers, can be bleached by the sun.

  • In ice water

Your fingers shrink as the temperature drops, allowing your ring to fall off. When you’re in the water, you might not realize until it’s too late.

  • Before entering a hot tub or swimming pool, be sure you’re in good shape.

Chlorine can corrode the finish and polish of gemstones, as well as damage and discolor metals (such as gold and platinum).

  • Before going sandboxing (or gardening.)

Abrasion is caused by dirt and tiny rocks. Your jewelry could be irreversibly destroyed if you don’t clean it soon away. Gardening gloves can also be dangerous.

  • Clean your jewelry regularly.

The luster of your jewelry can be dulled by your sweat and body oils. Warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush are required for DIY cleaning.

  • Keep your jewelry in a clean, dry location.

To keep your pieces from scratching each other, store them in a fabric-lined jewelry container or a box with sections and dividers. Invest in a secure spot to keep your valuables when you’re on the go, as well.

  • Keep a close eye out for danger signs of faults in your jewelry.

There seem to be six key indicators that your jewelry is about to fail, spanning from missing gemstone complaints to warning signs on your bracelet, choker, and earrings.

  • For free precious gems, hooks, and fastenings, consult with your jewelers.

It is normal to lose a pair of earrings or single gems if you do not regularly inspect your jewelry. Your jewelers will also meticulously polish your items to guarantee a gleaming luster!