Yes, You Can Turn Gift Cards into Cash


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If you don’t know what to shop for someone, a gift card is always an awesome idea. However, some people would prefer cash to gift cards.

There are several ways available that you can use to turn your gifts into cash. You can opt for:

  • Selling your gift card
  • Trading your gift card
  • Benefiting from your cards in other ways

Let’s delve into this further.

  1. Selling Your Gift Card

Sell Your Card to A Website

Some websites do buy cards and give cash in return. Some will provide the prepaid postage so mail the gift card to them.

Websites usually purchase digital Nike gift cards from you immediately. Of importance to note is that the card will lose some value when you sell it.

Use an App to Sell Your Card

Some companies facilitate easy selling of your card through their mobile applications. You download the app, send in your card, and select how you would like to be paid. They deduct 15% of the card value as their commission.

List the Card on An E-Commerce Website

Though it is possible to sell the gift card for the price it is valued at, a card usually sells better at a slightly lower value. Some e-commerce websites typically take a percentage of the card sale.

Sell the Gift Card to A Friend

If a friend is interested in buying the gift card, organize a meetup, or you may send the card through the mail.

  1. Trading Your Card

Use A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Locate a bright yellow exchange kiosk in a grocery store. Once you insert the card, accept the offer to either receive a voucher, which you will take to the cashier and exchange for cash, or get a visa gift card.

Use A Coinstar Exchange Kiosk

Find a Coinstar kiosk at the front of a large chain grocery store. After swiping the gift card, you will get an offer to receive 60-85% of the gift card. If you accept it, you will get a voucher that is cash redeemable at a cash register.

Trade the Gift Card for A Different Store

This is possible if you do not like the store the gift is from. You can do this at select kiosks or online.

  1. Benefiting from Your Card in Other Ways

Use A Gift Card to Get Points for Gas

Some gas stations have reward cards. When you use your gift cards to buy gas, you will use the reward points for future gas purchases.

Give Your Card as A Gift

If you buy gift cards online and remain unused for long, you can give them to your friends who will appreciate them more.

Donate the Gift Card.

Donating the card to charity is a very noble thing to do if you are not using it. Use the receipt you will receive for a tax write off.

Wrapping Up.

You do not have to stay with an un used gift card. If you need a quick buck, sell it. Or gift it to a friend. Better still, help the less fortunate by donating it to charity.


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