Things to check before buying a wedding ring


Getting married is an exciting chapter in an individual’s life and it is the start of new relationships. An important part of getting married is choosing the perfect wedding ring for your to-be spouse. A wedding ring will be the embodiment of your love and will always stay with your partner. The ring will be cherished by your partner for a lifetime. Therefore, when planning to buy your wedding ring, give utmost importance to the task. Also, it is that one ring where you are going to spend a considerable amount of money. So, it is important to check every aspect of it and then make the purchase. 

Things to check before buying Atelier Lou wedding rings

Narrow down on the shape: Before buying the wedding ring, ensure to narrow down your choices on what the shape and style of the ring should be. The wedding ring’s center stone shape and the setting style is the key factor to consider here. The shape of the center stone can be anything from oval, round, princess, emerald, etc. The setting style can also vary from classic to vintage to something modern.  

Choose the metal of the band: Choose the right metal for your band as this is going to be a lifetime thing. If the band metal is not good, over the years it will be full of scratches and lose its lustre. The band metal can be anything from gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, etc. Choose a metal like platinum that is denser and will last for a lifetime. Though it is expensive, it is a good investment. 

Know the 4Cs: Most people prefer to buy a diamond ring as a wedding ring. Therefore, it is important to know the 4Cs before you purchase a diamond ring. The 4Cs are nothing but – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. The cut of a diamond is important as it affects how light is captured. Clarity displays the flawless grading of the diamond internally and externally and the color measures how colorless it is. The carat is a weight measurement to determine how large the diamond is.  

Buy certified pieces: Buying a wedding ring is a timeless piece. Therefore, it is going to be expensive. Ensure to buy the ring after checking if it’s genuine or not. Purchasing from a store that sells stones that are certified by an accredited laboratory ensures that you have bought a genuine product that will last for a lifetime. 

There are a wide variety of designs, cuts, settings, etc. of a ring available in the market today. However, before making such an expensive purchase gather some knowledge about it or refer someone who knows a good deal about expensive jewelry.